Odd Bot Out

Meet a small robot with a big personality

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I already fell in love with Odd
Pocket Gamer
Extremely interactive and tactile
A herculean achievement
Touch Arcade
Really, really cute
Indie Game Magazine
A must have iOS experience
Apple 'n' Apps
An adorable little platformer
Android Police

Odd is not like the other robots. After failing a standardized test Odd ends up in the recycling bin. Help Odd escape the robot factory using building blocks, electricity, and physics!

Odd Bot Out

Build a bridge to cross a (modest) abyss. Hot-wire and ride a rocket. Trick a carnivorous robot plant. And face 97 other puzzling challenges featuring:

Odd Bot Out is available on phones and tablets with iOS 6.0 or Android 2.3.3 or later. Download the game from Apple's App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore for $3.99.

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